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Special Education Consulting Services

Kid Drawing - Special Education Consulting
Louisiana Speech, Language & Learning Center, LLC in Prairieville, Louisiana, offers special education consulting services. Our licensed and experienced professionals work with school systems to provide professional development opportunities for educators and parents, including special education staff and department coordination.

Topics Include:

   •  IEP Writing & Procedures
   •  Accommodations & the SPED student
   •  FBAs, BIPs & MDRs
   •  Positive Behavior Supports
   •  RTI & Interventions
   •  Special Education Compliance Issues
   •  Special & Regular Education Collaboration

Child Advocacy & Consulting Services

Louisiana Speech Center educates and consults parents about Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to be more effective team members for their special needs children in the school system. You have the right to sit down with your child's IEP team as a member to create goals and objectives for instruction and related services.

Call us to day fora free 15-minute consultation to discuss your child.

School Principals

Do you have students needing Speech Therapy services?

Are your special and general education departments working together to meet the needs of your students?

Call us today for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how you can make a few fixes to make your SPED department fabulous!

We will meet or beat the prices and services of any competitor!

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